Oct 24, 2014

Oh, Recovering Gypsy...

Oh, the wanderlust...
It calls to me so strongly,
The adventure, the unknown,
The never-ending longing.

Oh, the strange belief...
Belief that it could happen,
Possibility abounds,
Imagination, my haven.

Oh, reality...
Where dreams become mere fables,
An unwanted nemesis,
Like wire stripped from the cables.

Oh, the travesty...
Of butterfly wings turned dust.
Hypocrisy, irony,
As you do just what you must.

"In this world, not of this world,"
"A daughter of the one true King,"
Are words without true meaning,
When it's a mantra that we sing.

Oh, my stubborn heart...
It refuses to give in,
Hopefulness and exhaustion,
A die-hard to the end.

Oh, restoration...
My eyes are searching for you,
Faithfulness, long-suffering,
I just want to adore you.

Patience running thin...
Expectations are so high.
Relax, new realization;
Take just one day at a time.

Oh, to let it go...
Sweet release of melody,
Craziness and happiness,
I'm not alone, it's not just me.

Oh, this thing called life...
This merry-go-round-and-round,
Faster, slower, dead stand-still;
Am I up or am I down?

Oh, beat of the drum...
A strange and awkward ballad,
Past, present, and the unknown,
Woven with  true talent.

Oh, my circumstance...
No longer it defines me,
But a vapor in the wind,
Breaking the chains that bind me.

So I'll sing it loud...
Gone hesitation and fear,
Relentless expectation,
Just knowing that you are near.

Oh, it's not by sight...
That faith can surely be found,
But amidst the deep darkness;
It's your shadow all around.

Oh, this crazy mess...
It will always be a fight.
I'm learning to just take rest
As you make my burden light.

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